Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clip ‘N Climb?
Clip ‘N Climb is a large arena full of themed climbing challenges. They are all exciting and different, and operate with automatic belays which lower climbers gently back to the ground when they have finished a climb. No experience is required and our trained staff provide a safety briefing before each session. Harnesses are provided in the entry price. Climbers need to wear fully enclosed shoes and active wear – no sandals or skirts.

What does it cost?
Entry price:
$20.00 per casual session
$20.00 per Friday Night session (7 to 8:45pm)
Same price for Adults and Children. Free entry for spectators.

Sky Fall: $5.00 for two tries
Leap of Faith: $5.00 for two tries
Sorry, no swapping of rides – strictly two tries on one or the other.
Shoe hire: $5.00 per pair – all CnC climbers must wear fully enclosed shoes.

Do we need to book?
Booking online is highly recommended and essential on weekends and holidays. This avoids the need to manually complete paperwork upon arrival. Book your session here.

Are there age limits?
There is NO AGE LIMIT however climbers MUST have a harness that fits. Persons without a harness that fits are NOT allowed to climb. As a guide, children under the age of 5 years are likely to be too small to fit in a harness properly. Clip ‘N Climb staff shall decide on this matter.

Are there weight limits?
UPPER limit: 150kg    LOWER limit: 15kg
With light children (under 35kg), it is possible that the auto belay device does not lower them completely to the ground. If that happens, putting some weight on the line (e.g. pulling it) will solve the problem.

Can we leave our children at Clip ‘N Climb and pick them up at the send of the session?
Children under the age of 13 years MUST be accompanied by an adult, with a maximum ratio of five children to one adult (5:1) for supervision purposes. All adults supervising are required to attend the safety / harness briefing and to check that their children are correctly clipped in before they start each climb. Non-climbing adults are free to come into Clip ‘N Climb for this.

How long is a session and when do they start?
Session start times are as provided on the web site. Each session starts with a compulsory safety briefing and harness check which takes about 15 minutes. The climbing time is one hour. For planning purposes, allow 1.5 hours for a session.

What are the opening hours?
Check current opening hours here. Outside of our advertised hours Clip ‘N Climb is available by prior booking for school, college, corporate and community groups.

Can I use my own harness, climbing shoes and chalk?
Customers must use the harnesses provided. There is no need for climbing shoes, however you may certainly use them. We do not allow chalk at Clip ‘N Climb.

I have been lots of times, do I still need to go through the full briefing?
Yes! In order for us to provide as safe any environment as possible for you and your children, everyone must receive a safety briefing each time they visit.

Can we have birthday parties?
You absolutely can. We provide a private room and do all the catering for you. Further info available on our birthday party page. Unfortunately, you are unable to do BYO parties on our premises.

Can we book out the entire Clip ‘N Climb facility for our private use?
Yes you can. We provide this to different groups, for various reasons. Further info available here.

Do we need to sign a waiver form?
Yes. To save some time, please feel free to download and complete the form prior to your scheduled session. Click here to download our waiver form.